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At the heart of what we offer is our DURASEAL range of kits.


Bringing together the best of silicone self-amalgamating tape (SSAT) technology, with the strength and convenience of a composite encasing, to deliver long-lasting pipeline repair.


The SSAT that we use in all our kits is called DURATAPE. This high-grade self-fusing tape has proven longevity in both the lab and the field.  


As the quality of a DURASEAL repair depends on the skill of the user, ENDURATEC also offers a training and certification service.


This is a new concept which we are moving towards full commercial readiness.

Our current focus is the use of DURASEAL within the UK's gas distribution networks.


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LP riser repair
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water leak use DURATAPE



leakage can be stopped


DURASEAL makes it cost effective to

repair small leaks.


Zero interruption, live repair method.


DNV-GL tested to ISO 6182-1-2014

with the hydraulic pressure of 60 bar.


Suitable for use on drinking water,

wastewater and salt water.


Compatible with all pipe materials.


Protected with impact proof, fast curing, water-activated fibreglass.


Suitable for underground pipes.


Training with DURASEAL® is quick,

making it easy to increase

the number of people who

have the ability to repair leaks.


gas leak use DURASEAL
Gas and Air


Natural Gas networks,


cut repair costs by 50%


DURASEAL is a single person job.


The first respondent can repair the leak.


DURASEAL de-escalates the job from an emergency to planned maintenance.


No need to cut off the supply.


Expensive tools are not required for DURASEAL, just 1 hour of training.


Used to repair pipework up to 4 inches in diameter, with operating pressures up to 2 bar.


Seals by compression, not adhesive. Withstands moisture and movement.


Cut, stab and crush resistant.


Effective from -90°C to +180°C.


cable splice with DURAJOINT


Seal and repair any cable



Our high-grade silicone SSAT has a dielectric strength of 16,000 volts per 1mm layer.


Cables and joints wrapped with DURASEAL

can be submerged to depths

greater than 100m.


Abrasion and crush resistant,

DURASEAL is suitable for direct burial.


DURASEAL has an expected life

of more than 30 years.


Outer cable damage can be

fully restored using DURASEAL.


DURASEAL will not be damaged by movement, vibration or moisture.


Suitable for applications exposed

to salt water.

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In the Field




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